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Unit 1:

1. Basic Biochem & Bonding:
2. Acids, Bases, pH, salts, and Water Properties:
3. Carbohydrates:
4. Nucleic Acids:
5. Lipids:
6. Amino Acids, Proteins & Enzymes:

Main organic molecules, all in one place:

Unit 2:

1. Cells (intro):
2. Membranes:
3. Cells 2 (comprehensive):

Cell Web Resources:

Unit 3:

Unit 4:


Photosynthesis: Light-Dependent Reactions
Photosynthesis: Light-Independent Reactions (Calvin Cycle)

Cellular Respiration: Glycolysis
Cellular Respiration: Krebs Cycle (AKA: Citric Acid, or TCA)
Cellular Respiration: Electron Transport Chain
Cellular Respiration: Video Animations of all 3 steps

Unit 5:

We read this article in class on Monday 2/18:

Article on ASF1 and nucleosomes: Link to the Article

Other Resources:

DNA Structure/Replication:
Protein Synthesis:
Basic overview:
Transcription detail:
Translation detail:
PS (full detailed version):

Genetic Disorders and Mutation:

Unit 6:

Here is the answer key to the practice problems, but don't look until you've tried!

web resources:
Linked Genes Practice Problems:
Linked Genes and Crossing-Over Complexities:
Chromosomal Genetic Disorders and Karyotypes:

Unit 7:

Read Article found at:

Check this out too, for class discussion:

Electrophoresis Lab Photos

Unit 8:

Work through all 3 parts of the following website:
(it discusses the theoretical origin of the first cells, and some material from here will be on the test, so read the info and watch each of the little videos)

Read Chapters 22-24 in Campbell text (see guides below)
We can also scan through chapters 26-34 (some, not all, will be discussed in this unit)
(this is one of those units where the Campbell text goes way too far for what you need)

Try the problems at this website:

(Darwin's 9 Points)

Review Guide:
Review Game:

Unit 9:

(Another helpful resource for Animal Kingdom)

Unit 10: